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6 Self-Care Essentials to take the Stress out of Breastfeeding. by L Campos

6 Self-Care Essentials to Take The Stress Out of Breastfeeding

Every mom knows that breastfeeding can have some major benefits for you and your baby. Even so, nursing your little one can also come with some challenges. In fact, many new moms find breastfeeding to be stressful, which makes self-care so crucial. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your nursing routine or any other aspect of parenting, Time 4 Babies hopes these self-care and breastfeeding basics can relieve some of tension.

Soft and Comfortable Clothing

Treating yourself well from the start can make your breastfeeding experience less stressful. So when it comes time to pack a suitcase for the hospital, make sure you include some soft and soothing clothing essentials. A delivery gown, soft and comfortable underwear, a nursing bra and lounge pants or a set of nursing pajamas can keep you looking and feeling your best while making nursing much easier.

Soothing Self-Care Products

You will also want to have a few nurturing self-care products in your hospital bag, diaper bag and onhand at home. Nursing pads and a quality nipple cream should be at the top of that list when you need relief from dry, chapped or bleeding nipples.

Helpful Breastfeeding Apps

Stressed about tracking feedings, pumping and milk outputs? Well if you have a smartphone you really don’t have to be. You can simply download one of several breastfeeding apps that will track these important details for you. Just like with nipple creams and other postpartum products, there are quite a few different options, so try a few out to see which works best.

Baby and Nursery Essentials

Towards the final months of pregnancy, you likely went through a nesting phase. During this time, it’s normal to feel an urge to stock your home with basics and supplies you will need to take care of your new baby. It’s also normal to forget a few things, so you may want to look into products that can make life as a new mom easier. For instance, if you plan on taking plenty of sunny walks to get some fresh air and stress relief, an umbrella stroller can provide the protection your little one needs. Or to keep your baby close, consider a wearable baby sling for arms-free holding.

Balanced and Healthy Nutrition

What you put into your body can be even more important than what you put onto it. That’s why you should be mindful of breastfeeding diet truths and myths before you begin nursing. Then you won’t have to stress about whether having a cup of coffee or not eating certain foods will impact the nutrients and vitamins you are passing onto your baby. While research is limited, many moms also swear by yummy snacks and other tips to increase their milk supply.

Basic Wellness and Self-Care

So yes, breastfeeding can have some pretty positive perks for the health of new moms and their babies. If you want to avoid feelings of intense stress, anxiety and even depression, however, you also need to understand some of the pressures that can come with nursing. Weigh these pressures against the positives and know that any choice you make to feed your baby will be the right one. Also remember that whether you breastfeed or not, self-care is crucial. You can’t take care of your baby if you are not taking care of your most basic health and wellness needs.

If you are stressed about nursing your little one try to find some relief with the self-care products, tips and resources above. While being stressed as a new parent is completely normal, too much stress can take a toll on your health and the health of your baby. So make self-care a priority while you adjust to breastfeeding and your new role as a parent.

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