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Baby's Coming!

So what do you do? You are getting close to your due date. All of a sudden you start swelling, it's not just the legs and ankles, but you feel it in you hips and arms and hands. They feel tight, hard to make a fist or squeeze your hand. You look in the mirror and your eyelids are swollen, your nose is wider, bigger. Call your Dr and go in to get checked.

Headaches when you wake up, inordinate swelling, maybe you got up off the couch and you see sparkles at the sides of your eyes. Then your stomach hurts in between under the ribs, or you have some blurred vision. You think it's indigestion. It may be more.

Again. Please go see your Dr or provider and get checked. It could be the beginning of Preecclampsia. It is not something to play with. You and your baby could be at risk. Watch for these symptoms. Report them when they start, and be aware of your body's normal cues.

but it spreads.......that needs attention
swollen feet are pretty normal with pregnancy

FMutamba RN BSN

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