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New Mama Emotions

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For some mamas, becoming a mother is very easy, they are in-love with the idea, with being a new mom. Their emotions are light and full of joy. It depends when and where you are in your life when you decide or find you are going to have a baby. When things are fairly ordered, accomplishments are met, planning is done, you've found the right mate, it may be a seamless transition. Even still you may experience a roller coaster of emotions due to hormonal shifts and sleep deprivation.

How to deal with these emotions may seem daunting. Several things you can do to help offset these emotions are to "Cry in the shower", it's a safe place to let it go. Go for a walk, or maybe go out to dinner, watch a funny movie, play a game, ask for hugs, or find a good friend that you can vent to. Seriously sometimes you just need a nap to help you regroup. It usually gets worse if you try to "Stuff it". Not dealing with it can turn into anger and bitterness. For some it turns into post partum"blues" or depression. If after your baby is born, you are still breaking into tears after 2 weeks, please go see your Dr or Practitioner. You may need some assist for a couple months. And please, if you are ordered medication, take it and talk to the Dr or Practitioner before trying to stop it. Some medications have to be tapered.

It's ok to get that assistance, it will help you feel balanced and help you to adjust to the new baby schedule. If you have a partner, family or friend, have them watch the baby so you can get a needed nap. There are so many people who say to you "if you need anything just call", take them up on that and ask them to watch baby so you can nap. Now don't take that phone with you or at least turn the ringer off, so you don't stay up looking at videos or texts and not get that nap. You will feel so much better when you can get that nap.

Part of the shift comes from being tired, and part of it is from the feelings of responsibility, for now this baby is totally dependent on you, and you have just come from an independent state to one of being responsible 24/7. That in itself is a huge change or shift in your life. Some people may say "Buck up and take care of things". Sometimes the transition takes a little time. So ask for help if you need it. Don't wait til you feel overwhelmed and fall apart. Emotions of pregnancy, and post delivery are real, and for some they feel like too much to deal with, So know who your support people are and work together to keep you and baby both safe.

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