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Newborn Baby -First Need List

The most important things are not so many.

Diapers. NB size 2 pkgs Or 2 dozen wash your own diapers with plastic pants

Size 1- 2 pkgs

Baby Wipes- preferably (perfume free) or small baby washcloths/papertowels

just remember to use water when you wash their bottoms.

Baby blankets- 6-8 . : always check them against your face, if you can't breathe through them .. don't use them on your baby, they could be dangerous to your baby.

Onesies . 12 (they can go through several a day)

Socks 6 -8 pair. you can also use these for hand mitts, (they usually have cold feet )

Diaper Bag or Baby Back Pack......(What to Pack)

6 diapers (more if you are going out for longer)

Pack of wipes or Bag with wet washcloths

two bottles of water


Diaper rash cream


Baby lotion, Baby Shampoo, Ivory soap or gentle soap

Brush /emory boards/Bulb suction

2 baby blankets

Wrap baby carrier

(If you are bottle's easiest to take powdered formula measured into clean bottles.... then you only add water and baby is set. )

Plastic baggies... to put soiled diapers in or soiled clothes from baby

It's nice to have a changing pad but not necessary, a blanket will do.

Good luck with your beautiful little one.

F Mutamba RN BSN

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