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Oh, the changes.....

I understand that the body changes when you are pregnant, but could someone tell you what 's going to happen. Could someone warn you? Now everybody doesn't have the same exact feelings. Some go through pregnancy feeling wonderful, beautiful, glowing and excited. Some get morning sickness for the whole pregnancy. Some get it in the morning, some get it in the evening, some even at night. So why do they call it morning sickness anyway?

The body changes initially hormonally, So just like when you are a teen and one day you are up and the next day down. Many mamas feel that crazy rollercoaster of emotions. You feel happy then sad, then happy again. It's enough to make you feel like you are crazy sometimes. I found that when I focused on this new life coming, this miracle, that I felt better more of the time. I felt happy, excited, amazed, and in utter AWE of the absolute miracle of a growing life inside of me.

Think about the emotions and feelings you feel in your pregnant body, none of them are wrong, they just are: feelings and thoughts that flit in and out of your mind. Be aware. Maybe Journal. They may be cyclic, and when you find a way to re-focus you will enjoy the pregnancy more.

How do I feel, what am I thinking?

FMutamba RN BSN

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