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Pregnancy Tips

Ways to stay healthy in pregnancy.

Make sure to drink plenty of water, juice, milk, lemonade and other fluids. Stay away from caffeinated beverages, they can dehydrate you and irritate your uterus. Not helpful with preterm labor or other pregnancy issues.

Stay active, up walking, moving, dancing, exercise class, to keep blood flowing and your body strong. Getting ready for delivery is like getting ready for a marathon. Training or doing some activity every day increases your endurance.

If your provider has prescribed bedrest, then do so, but there are some simple exercises you can do even in bed. Side leg lifts, light arm weights and doing reps morning and night. They really help you feel stronger. Being in bed is tough for most people. Look into isotonic exercises to help keep your tone. Stay off your back, flip side to side to maximize the circulation to your precious babe.

Include foods to keep you regular. Adding prunes, raisins, dates, apples, hot apple juice to your daily regimen can help with that. It's very uncomfortable to be constipated.

Activity, fluids and foods you choose will help prevent this.

Sometimes things happen and it changes the whole pregnancy plan. Be aware and mentally ready for anything that happens. By 34 weeks, have your suitcase packed for the hospital. Make a list of the things you think would help, to have the most, in case you go in early.

FMutamba RN BSN

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