Please noted that this item can be used not only as a pregnant support belly belt but also a postpartum hip recovery belt.

Name: Dual purpose pregnant or postpartum Corset belly belt 

Size: Overall length 120cm, width 17.5cm.

Material: 80% Polyester + 20% Spandex

Color:  Apricot

Who is suitable for using this pregnancy maternity support belty band.

A,  The fetus of pregnant woman is too large;


B, malposition, outside help pregnant women by doctors after surgery righting;


C, abdominal muscle soreness pregnant women;


D, belly sagging, prone to premature delivery and miscarriage in pregnant women;


E, worry about sagging abdomen, affecting the postpartum resumption of pregnant women;


F, varicose veins and edema more serious for pregnant women;         

G, Postparrtum woman need to recovery or shaper slimming her boby

Pregnancy Postpartum Maternity Support Belly Band